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Name: Linda
Horoscope: Libra
Hobbies & Interests:
Surfing the internet, watching TV, listening to music, blogging, fashion, photography, I also love all kinds of Kawaii things in general! ^_^


o Glamorous World of Q-Pot

o?Oishii Food Delights

o?Jdorama Suki

o?My Facebook page

o?LindaluvsKawaii Youtube

oLindaluvsKawaii Twitter



oSaikusa @ Minitokyo

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Hi Linda here and welcome to my website! Feel free to browse my blogs and connect with me on social media sites! (^_^)


Glamorous World of Q-Pot: My blog dedicated to the popular Japanese designer fashion brand Q-Pot that specializes in making kawaii, unique and whimsical jewellery & accessories with sweets & food motifs! \(^_^)/

Oishii Food Delights: My food review/taste testing blog. I usually review about Japanese snacks & food, but sometimes I also review about desserts and snacks from other parts of the world. (^_^)

Jdorama Suki: My blog dedicated to Japanese shows, includes lists of all the Jdoramas (Japanese TV dramas/series), J-movies, Animes and Tokusatsu I have watched and currently watching. The blog also includes links to sites where you can watch these shows online (^_~)


I also have 2 separate?Youtube channels, I use my main Youtube channel most of the time and they are for general use purposes (^_^)

My secondary Youtube account is called?LindaluvsKawaii and it is strictly used for uploading & sharing Kawaii stuff! I also have a Twitter account for LindaluvsKawaii used only for sharing kawaii stuff (^_~)

Feel free to leave any feedback on any of my blogs, have fun! (^_~)



oLinda Land (c) Linda

oIllustration (c)Keiyaku No Kuroneko

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